When you become part of this club, you are joining a very powerful community. The core mission of the OHM NFT is to create something truly outstanding. An incredible opportunity to bring like-minded people together. The kind of people who are visionaries and see the immense potential of the modern world.
We are headed into an exciting time with the arrival of the Metaverse. Those who get involved in strong communities with a common goal are the ones who will benefit the most when it finally arrives.
When you become an OHM NFT holder, you are going to gain access to a large number of privileges within the community. The Discord will be your headquarters for many special announcements and giveaways. You will be able to gain early access to merch, gaming projects, and any other OHM-related activity in the future.
The biggest and most relevant benefit that comes from this project is always going to be the community. Regardless of how much we manage to do and how many new additions we bring to our project, the community is always going to be the core of our efforts.