The OHM collection

Sweeping the world with an electric charge of attitude and slickness from outer space, the OHM Club is not just cool and meaningful art. This is the catalyst for the creation of an incredibly powerful and versatile community. One that is going to make its way to the Metaverse with optimal results.
This is the type of art that reminds you of the value of progress and a visionary attitude that does not settle for a traditional way of life. This is an NFT collection that has already attracted a large number of holders on the initial launch and we are now moving to OpenSea to broaden our horizons.
When you become a holder of an OHM NFT, you will be unleashing limitless potential for growth within a solid community. Those of us who founded this movement are committed to the project and we want to see it move forward day by day.
You can think of this collection as your gateway to a team that is there to back you up. We are all involved in this with the common goal of prosperity as we move into the new world. This is a collection that is always going to serve as a badge of distinction for those who are members of this community.
This is separate from the growth and potential of the NFT itself. The NFT on its own is another powerful reason to get involved. The journey has already started and we are seeing the incredible support from those who can see what is coming in the near future.
Lastly, the stylish visual appeal of the collection makes for optimal merch prints and it ensures that the OHM brand is easily recognized by anyone through the NFT art.