About Us

There is nothing more valuable in this world than the strength that is found in numbers. Civilization has always seen the biggest benefits and leaps in progress when teamwork is part of the equation.
The team at OHM was formed by a group of people who see the endless potential of projects that are directly related to the Metaverse. This is going to be a new world within our world and it will change the way we handle every aspect of our lives.
This project began as an idea that four friends had and then it evolved into something that has morphed into our pride and joy. Seeing the incredible support and witnessing how the Discord community grows and evolves has been amazing.
The moment you become an NFT holder and join our Discord, is the moment when you become part of something much greater than an NFT project. This is the moment when you turn into one of us.
Someone who is bored of the way the world is working right now and is ready to move into the new era. There is much that we can expect from the world as we head into the metaverse and this is the perfect time for us to grow stronger together and face the challenges. We are doing this while making the most out of the promising future that awaits those who wish to dominate the new world.