Our Story

Extra-terrestrials are probably the most fascinating mystery that we hope to discover someday. It is something truly amazing to think that other intelligent life forms are gazing at our planet as we are looking at tiny stars in the sky.
Space is a vast place that offers a place to call home for many species. The OHM alien lifestyle is all about discovering new places to experience. This is a species that seeks prosperity in any planet and their next big adventure is found in the Metaverse…Read More

About Us

There is nothing more valuable in this world than the strength that is found in numbers. Civilization has always seen the biggest benefits and leaps in progress when teamwork is part of the equation.
The team at OHM was formed by a group of people who see the endless potential of projects that are directly related to the Metaverse. This is going to be a new world within our world and it will change the way we handle every aspect of our lives….Read more


The initial sale has sold out. To get your OHM, check out the collection on OpenSea.


We’re in this for the long haul.

We’ve set up some goalposts for ourselves. Once we hit a target sell through percentage, we will begin to work on realizing the stated goal.





We are giving away 20 NFT to existing members that show the most active and supportive involvement within our community Discord. This is going to be the first of many giveaways and benefits that the community will enjoy.

We are going in with full force and launching a merch store that will offer giveaways and special discounts to our members. This store is going to work as a perfect incentive to bring in more members and supercharge the OHM brand to continue to grow and expand.

We are going to launch an OHM Club pay-to-earn game to expand the reach and the value of the community to greater lengths. This is going to be a milestone that will solidify the process of seeing huge benefits for all OHM NFT holders as we move forward to an endless world of opportunities in the Metaverse.

Once we hit 100%, we are going to start a whole new cycle with a brand new collection. This is a point when the entire team is going to be at a whole other level. The opportunity to further expand the community is always a reliable strategy. Strength is always in numbers!


OHM was created by four friends who set out to make some dope ohm, test our skills, and try to build something (ridiculous).

Harrison Hudson

WordPress Dev.

Elizabeth Sofia

WordPress Dev.

Charlie Cooper

Front-End Dev

Lucy Evelyn

Ui/UX Designer


When you become part of this club, you are joining a very powerful community. The core mission of the OHM NFT is to create something truly outstanding. An incredible opportunity to bring like-minded people together. The kind of people who are visionaries and see the immense potential of the modern world.
We are headed into an exciting time with the arrival of the Metaverse. Those who get involved in strong communities with a common goal are the ones who will benefit the most when it finally arrives…Read More



Have any question. Look here now

What are NFTs?

NFTs are an excellent new method of authentication that allows people to show proof of ownership for all kinds of digital items. NFT stands for Non-fungible tokens and they provide an important element of the world of the Metaverse.

How many NFTs are there in your collection?

We have a total of 5000 NFT in our collection and we are excited to welcome every member of the OHM community as an NFT holder and someone who is going to enjoy all benefits and perks of this promising project.

When I get an NFT, can I sell it whenever I want?

One of the main things that we encourage our holders to do is to hang on to their NFTs. This is important because the more the community grows, the more the potential for the NFT you are holding to also grow in value. With that said, you are free to sell or trade your NFT at any point from the moment you acquire it.

What is the best way to purchase NFT?

This is done with the use of a crypto wallet that has compatibility with Ethereum. Feel free to contact us if you want details and guidance on how to set one up.

What is this “metaverse” you keep mentioning on your page?

The metaverse is going to be an extension of our lives in a digital and virtual environment. This means that we are going to have possessions such as vehicles, properties and all kinds of items and accessories. NFTs will play a major role in the way that we buy, sell and trade things in the Metaverse.

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